Misson Hills Nursery is great daytime walking destination

Blooms around Mission Hills

I live around the corner from Mission Hills Nursery. It's one of my favorite daytime walks to clear my head and breathe. If you haven't spent time you must cruise by and see what they have to offer. Inside the main building they sell fertilizers, bird feeders and some home goods...I love the candles in the photos below. Yummy smells. There is even a small SALE wall back there too! Outside they feature a raised bed vegetable patch and wonderful succulent plantings. Be sure to walk back along the back fence and enjoy blooms of bougainvillea. Roses from bushes to climbers are gorgeous! Enjoy photos of blooms and fruits.

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  1. Shelly, we are glad you enjoy walking around the nursery it can be a very relaxing way to end a day. And when you are ready to plant your garden we know what works in this area as we've been here since 1910 and have "roots" in the community.

  2. I planned and purchased all the plants and trees in my front and back yards all from Mission Hills Nursery. Brought over on your handy Radio Flyer wagons, load by load. After it was all planted, I received a Green Thumb Award from the Mission Hills Garden Club staked overnight in my yard with gift gloves and a certificate. Thank you!


Thank you for posting. I love Mission Hills!

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