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The San Diego Redistricting Commission is expected to release its preliminary map at its July 21 meeting, showing how the City Council districts could be redrawn. The commission is hosting public hearings before it finalizes the map.

City's building height ordinance extended for 6 months -

— The San Diego City Council has passed an extension to a temporary 2008 ordinance restricting building heights in three neighborhoods.

The council voted 7-0 to add six more months to the Interim Height Ordinance, which will now be in effect until January 2012. The law prevents new construction and renovations from exceeding 50 feet in Mission Hills and 65 feet in Hillcrest.

Structures can only breach the 65-foot limit in Bankers Hill with special approval from either the Planning Commission or City Council, Uptown Planners Chairman Leo Wilson said.
David Alvarez was absent from Tuesday morning’s session and did not vote.

The original ordinance, meant to freeze building heights until the completion of a new community plan update, was set to expire early this year. However, the council approved an initial six-month extension in January. Tuesday’s second extension will be the last permitted under the law.

“It’s my personal hope that this will light a fire underneath all the stakeholders to make sure the community plan update is completed as soon as possible,” Councilman Todd Gloria said. “I want to seek consensus in these communities so that we can make sure that the development goes where it’s supposed to go.”

Despite the extension, it is unlikely the community plan update will be completed in the next six months. In fact, council members said Tuesday they don’t expect it to be done for at least 18 months.
Wilson said after the meeting that it could take even longer, and he anticipates a new ordinance will be drafted in the next six months to keep the height limits in place until the community plan update is finished.

One councilman, Kevin Faulconer, said his patience with the process is running out. Faulconer voted in favor of the extension but said he supported it, “reluctantly.”

“We want this done, and we want it done sooner rather than later,” Faulconer said. “It’s not an open-ended commitment. We need to bring this to a resolution.” • (619) 718-5252 • Twitter: @natemax
City's building height ordinance extended for 6 months -

Summer Blueberries!!

Ah, blueberries! Just another reason summer rocks. You can make an endless array of desserts with them, like tarts and muffins, but they also work in savory dishes. The next time you come back from a blueberry picking excursion (or, you know, the supermarket) try them with pasta or even in a succulent rib glaze

10 Car-Friendly Foods to Pack on a Road Trip - via yumsugar

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If hopping on a plane to an exotic destination isn't in the cards for you this Summer, fret not. Road trips (especially to America's top food cities and other culinary destinations, like food festivals) can be just as fun. Even if you can't afford to take a massive vacation, you can still enjoy peak travel season by getting in a car and driving somewhere fun. But as the old adage goes, sometimes the journey is the destination, so if you've ultimately got your sights set on good eats, then don't overlook the ever-important car snacks. Here are 10 road trip foods that are just as appetizing as they are portable and transport resistant.

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Click here for article: "Car Snacks to Pack on a Road Trip"

A 1970s California beach house made modern -

Home & Garden Home Tours of new and remodeled homes in SoCal

Home & Garden Home Tours

San Diegans Need More Trees In The City |

A man with a hard hat and a shovel digs a hole between the street and the sidewalk on Langmuir Street in Linda Vista. He’s one of a work crew with the Urban Corps that’s planting nine saplings along the edge of a corner lot. Crew boss Abram Castro said the trees are called Gold Medallions.

Margarita Cupcakes and Drink Recipes to beat the heat

Due to the recent heat wave, I have been searching for cool, refreshing summer recipes. I came across this recipe for Margarita Cupcakes! Nom nom. Enjoy with a Skinny Girl Margarita (made with Agave) cocktail shaken with fresh lime and ice, or your own concoction. Listed below are some classics to get you started. Let me know how you like the cupcakes, stay cool.

Brooklyn Girl Eatery coming to Mission Hills

Cant wait for this new restaurant to open! I noticed the permit on the window a few weeks ago. Their website says:
Casual neighborhood American eatery with a
sustainable farm-to-table attitude.

We will be open breakfast + lunch + dinner + late night with an
extensive menu of seasonal and locally sourced organic products
at very attractive price points.

Full "artisanal" bar with a great selection of locally produced craft
beers on tap and an extensive and affordable wine list.

In addition we will have a "chef's pantry" offering daily selection of
salads, pasta, sandwiches, pastries and pre-prepared entrees to go.

Locally owned and family operated,
we want to be YOUR neighborhood "go-to" restaurant!
More information is listed on here in their blog

Brooklyn Girl Eatery - San Diego Newest Restaurant!
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