My Favorite Old Department Stores/Malls from the 70's

Following is a list of my favorite department stores and malls growing up in Mission Hills.

The Akron, closed 1985, remember "The Maven" for a quick bite?

 Buffum's, amazing shoe sales and holiday decorations, The Buffums’nutty fruity Chicken Salad Sandwich...loved the restaurant, San Diego Fashion Valley (1969) - became I Magnin, now Saks Fifth Avenue.

Bullock's, loved Zarzuela restaurant  flan, hands down the best. Hot popovers, chicken salad..mmm

Fashion Valley Mall,remember the old east section with Barbizon? and the west section with Farrells and the Movies? see my next post for those pics.
JJ Newberry's 
J.W. Robinson's, love the store in Palm Springs, had to list it!

Mission Valley Mall, remember Judy's store that welcomed you into malls?

Looking east in Mission Valley in 1915.

Mission Valley Mall, Grand Opening Day, 1961

Postcard 1961 Mission Valley Mall
Frank L. Heath, a renowned California artist of his time whose works won numerous awards, was twenty-nine years old in 1886 when he painted the subtly colored view of Mission Valley reproduced in part on the front cover. The entire canvas, which measures 24 x 44 inches, is from the collections of the San Diego Historical Society and is currently on view at the Serra Museum in Presidio Park.
Mission Valley Center, the most unique shopping city in Southern California, is centrally located just minutes from Hotel Circle and downtown San Diego. Seventy-two fashionable shops and services provide a selection and variety to delight every taste. Moving sidewalks, sheltered lower-level parking, covered malls, and tempting outdoor restaurants make a visit to Mission Valley Center an exciting adventure for the entire family.

Sears & Robuck
In 1953 the Sears & Roebuck Department store stood in what is now the Uptown District.
Remember the Halloween Shop, and the smell of warm cashews?

White Front, when parent company White Front Stores, Inc. filed for bankruptcy in 1975 and then went out of business, the locations were changed to Two Guys, another discount chain. Two Guys soon failed as well and the stores became relabeled as FedMart stores, which eventually were purchased by Target Stores.

What were your favorite department stores growing up?


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Thank you for posting. I love Mission Hills!

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