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The treehouse genre is a neverending font of envy for the children in our adult selves. And the roundups keep on coming — we’ve counted two great ones this week alone (here and here). While turrets and rope ladders may not be terribly practical for everyday living, architects are translating the typology into actual houses, from a translucent tree cabin in Japan to the ten examples we’ve gathered below.

Common features in these building schemes include preserving the existing tree canopy (well, duh), capitalizing on natural views, propping and/or suspending structures in air, and the use of organic materials like timber (duh, again).

Click through to check them out:
Tree Hugger by One Fine Day (Koblenz, Germany)

Tree Hotel by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter (Harads, Sweden)

Jorin & Matana’s Treehouse by Nicko Elliott (Toronto, Canada)

Tree Adventure by Alan Metcalfe and Aaron Goldblatt (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Banyan Drive Tree House by Rockefeller Partners Architects (Los Angeles, California)

flutterBy Treehouse by HDR Architecture (Dallas, Texas)

Tree House by Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekturni (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Treehouse Residence by FMD Architects (Lorne, Australia)

Modern Tree House by Ogawa Depardon Architects (Bedford, NY)

Treehouse by SHED (Seattle, Washington)

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